15 Days to Fuel the Spread – of Faith

Dear Friends,

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you as we all seek to find our way through this uncertain time. We at Lynch Development Associates are committed to providing uplifting resources to you and encourage you to share them with your parishioners, staff, teachers and all the faithful whom you lead, especially during this time when we cannot be together.

It is our hope that they provide an opportunity for reflection and peace during the COVID-19 crisis.

15 Days to FUEL the Spread – of Faith, this week’s message, calls us to recognize Christ through the pandemic and asks, “How will you use the last 15 days of Lent to spread the faith?”

May God continue to bless us with the strength and resolve to overcome this and all of our challenges ahead!

Click to download your copy of “15 Days to FUEL the Spread.”

Click above to download last week’s Reflection “Pandemic Gratitude.”

In gratitude for the opportunity to serve, I remain,

Kevin T. Lynch
[email protected]