Download free resources for parishes and Catholic schools

  • How can you encourage online giving during this time when parishioners cannot come to church?
  • How can you encourage families to enroll for the coming school year when they are uncertain about the future?

We created free resources to help your parish and Catholic school answer these crucial questions:

Free resources for parishes include a plan for converting a higher percentage of parishioners to online giving, plus digital content to download and customize to communicate with parishioners.

Free resources for Catholic schools include a plan for communicating the importance of supporting the parish, a plan to promote 2020-21 enrollment, plus digital content to launch campaigns for both of these efforts.

You have our permission to use any or all of the resources on these pages, free of charge. You also are free to customize them, print them, post them to your website, post to social media, or use in emails.

Please forward this email to anyone who might also want to use these resources.