Get the Virtual Worship App That Does It All

“Social circles are getting smaller. As a church, we’re trying to figure out how we can make sure we stay a part of that inner circle.”
“We’re trying to post on our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, update our church website and send emails…Our members and guests don’t always know where to look to find what they’re looking for.”
Sound familiar to your church? These are the words of church leaders who recently spoke to Vanco about the challenges – and possibilities – virtual services bring.
Vanco has helped churches grow donations for more than 20 years with convenient eGiving tools. But churches today need more to keep their members connected with their mission. That’s why we built Vanco Mobile, the app that helps churches engage their online directory of members through group chats, direct messages, giving and more.
Consider what one pastor told us about the need to remain in close contact with members, and encouraging members to stay in touch:
“Since social distancing went into effect, I’ve cancelled in-person office hours. I’ve been reaching out to members, but many have been hesitant to reach out to me for fear of feeling like they’re intruding on my personal life. I wish we had a space where members felt comfortable reaching out to me during this virtual time.”
Join us for a free webinar, Increase Engagement with Vanco Mobile, where we’ll give you a rundown of everything our new app can do for your church.

Join us on Thursday, May 21 at 2:30 p.m. EST.

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